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Wedding Music Mistakes Part1.

Wedding Music Mistakes Part 1 : Only Playing Music YOU Like. Obviously your Wedding Music should reflect you and your partner…at the end of the day it is your day! However if you want your guests to Dance, you have to play songs they recognise. People will only Dance to songs they know. Ironically, couples …read more

My Wedding Supplier Family.

Meet my Wedding Supplier Family. I might be a sole trader but I have a huge network of Supplier Colleagues and Friends that I see and work alongside on a regular basis. I might be a one man band but really I am just a small cog within a massive Wedding Industry machine. My Wedding …read more

Light at The End of The Tunnel.

First of all, may I apologise for not posting much here on my page. Many moons ago I read a book about being a good DJ, written by a Radio DJ called Emperor Rosco. One piece of advice was about using a microphone. What he wrote was simple “If you have nothing to say, shut …read more