Wedding Music Mistakes Part1.

Wedding Music Mistakes Part 1 : Only Playing Music YOU Like.

Obviously your Wedding Music should reflect you and your partner…at the end of the day it is your day! However if you want your guests to Dance, you have to play songs they recognise. People will only Dance to songs they know.

Ironically, couples who are into their Music and care most about their Music are the ones who make this mistake. They spend a lot of their spare time searching and listening to new music, they are Music experts. Unfortunately, their family members and friends often are not.

Take the first 15 or 30 minutes of your Night Reception and devote it to your older guests. Then have your DJ play songs that all of your guests know. Finally, end the night with a long set of your favourite Genre or Songs.

If you like a lot of rare or obscure Music, consider playing it during your drinks reception, Wedding Breakfast or when your Night Time Buffet is served. Of course you can slip some into your Night Time Reception set….but remember guests will only Dance to songs they know.

Disclaimer: You only have to do these things if you want your guests to Dance!


Full Dance Floor

Full Dance Floor