Wedding DJ Words of Wisdom.

Here are a few words of wisdom that I try to apply…especially when working on a clients Wedding.

Build momentum

Have you ever been to any kind of party where the dance floor is already heaving at 7pm? I didn’t  think so. A good DJ will warm up the crowd and build a flow and momentum throughout the evening. From playing the classics that the older generations will love to bringing the music more up-to-date in time for everyone to have had a few drinks, the dancing may happen in ebbs and flows, but a really great DJ will make sure that it happens.

Sense the tone

You know what they say about the best-laid plans. Trust your wedding DJ and give them some freedom to change things up if the playlist you’ve agreed isn’t going down a storm. Professional DJs are trained to sense the mood of the room and will know how to bring the energy back up if it’s lagging.

Think about timing

Don’t bash out your best tunes just as the buffet is served! When you meet with your DJ he will get the timings from you and know when everything is happening so that they’re not trying to drum up enthusiasm while everyone else is trying to digest their food. He will also then know when to raise the level once the time is right.