Lockdown Ideas.

While we are in Lockdown 2 there is still plenty for you to do to contribute towards your Wedding Day.


Listen to Music

Listen to Music

Your Wedding Day might be planned for 2022 or later on in the year….how about planning your Wedding Playlist for your day…there is more to it than you think!

To start with for the daytime you need Ceremonial Music/ Music to sign the register too and Music to walk out of the Church or Venue. After this if you are not having a Daytime host your Venue will ask you to compile a Playlist that can be played whilst your Wedding Breakfast is served. This is usually to cover for 3 hours so I recommend a good mix of more laid back music for your guests to enjoy.

After this you have your Night Reception to think about. The main song I will require is your First Dance. This can be anything you want, do not worry if it is an obscure song that nobody knows….they will soon know and love it once it has been played. Other main songs I ask for are perhaps a Bride/Father of The Bride dance, again I recommend a song that is sentimental to you both. I always find this a very touching and personal part of the proceedings that always goes down well with family and friends. After this I ask my couples to pick a Dance to kick the night off in style…this has to be a Banger of a song that everyone knows!! This is when we turn the volume up and get all the lights kicking in!! Also I ask you to pick a song to finish the Night with…a song to end your day in style!! Some couples pick two or three songsĀ  before hand to build up the crescendo and makes sure everyone is on the Dance floor and involved at the end.


I always ask my couples to compile a bit of a Playlist for their night, perhaps 20 songs that they absolutely adore and reminds them of their journey as a couple together. Try not to pick too many slow songs…we do not want to spoil the tempo of the Party. Also if you are asking your guests to pick a song to be played on your night make sure they pick a song that has an upbeat tempo and not something you would lay in a Bubble bath listening too!! You can give me as many song requests as you want.. I also take requests on the night. The one thing I will not do though is just stick to playing your Playlist, I was asked to do this once and it does not work. I have some many songs jangling around in my brain and combos of songs that work really well together it would be taking around my artistic licence!!


One more thing I recommend is to either keep a pencil and paper handy for when you hear a song you like or the better option is to add the App Shazam to your Smart or iphone. It’s a free App, when you hear a song you like you can just press the Shazam button and it will store it for you.


With playlists you can either write a list out and either send it to me through the post or by email or the easier way is by Spotify. Compile your playlist on Spotify and then send me the link via email or on Spotify at DJ Gary Mills.


Like I said while we are all cooked up in our hours there is plenty for you to do!


Keep safe everyone.