Two Extremes

Hi Guys, Sorry I have not blogged for a while,it has been a very busy time of year. I am just in the middle of having a brand new DJ table/lighting rig fabricated and even bigger and better lights to enhance and also personalize every event/wedding I will be working on. I hope to have this ready by the end of May. I have just come out of a fabulous weekend which really was a weekend of extremes regarding music. Friday nights wedding over at Springfield House saw the newly wed Mr and Mrs Beesly wanting over a solid hour of classic dance music from the late 90s. This included Darude Sandstorm, Ice Mc Boom Diggi Diggi and the brilliant DJ Alligator Blow My Whistle….the old house was really rocking and everyone involved really loved it including one elderly relative who was throwing some shapes on the dancefloor! On Saturday night I was working at The Longlands Hotel, Carnforth for a 60th birthday/ruby wedding anniversary for ace photographer Doug Armitage and his wife Janice. This was a dinner jacket/bow tie affair with a low profile image for me. Delicate lighting along with Andre Rieu playing his Orchestral hits in the background was the order of the night. Throughout the night music from The Greatest Musicals of All Time,classic swing music with some standard 70s floor fillers was played. The night finished off with Frank Sinatra New York mixed in with Andre Rieus Can Can/Firework finale. It was a brilliant end to a classical night earning rave revues from guests and staff at the hotel. I am now looking forward to a busy Easter period and to enjoy some of this lovely weather we are enjoying. Until the next time…..Keep Happy.